Does your dog have weird or unusual habits? Some may make you think your dog is acting up or being bad, but there is a reason behind everything they do. The Pet Care Clinic of Doral team is here to play devil’s advocate for your dog today! There is a reason for everything they do.

Kicking grass after pooping.

It may look like a victory dance after your dog uses the bathroom, but your dog is just trying to cover up their mess! Yes, they are more like cats than they seem. One other theory is that dogs are trying to release hormones through glands in their feet and a few swift kicks helps. Either way, it’s best to walk your dog away from your home yard!

Uses you for a sturdy leaning place.

Does your dog sit on your feet or lean on you throughout the day? Don’t worry; your dog is not lazy. More importantly, your dog is not attempting to show dominance over you. The answer is simple; they are just there to show and receive some affection! The next time they lean on you, be sure to give them a few pets and scratches. All is right in the world when our dogs are happy.

Shredding paper products.

Has your dog ever destroyed a roll of toilet paper? Did your pup eat your homework? Don’t worry; it’s not some master plan to upset you. For dogs, ripping up paper is fun. You’ve seen what they do to stuffed animals and bones; paper is so much easier and lighter to rip through. Digestion of paper products can cause health issues for your pet, so it’s best to get ahead of this behavior and train your dog not to destroy paper products.

Sleep twitching.

Does your dog ever twitch, bark, or show rapid eye movement while sleeping? It’s normal! Just like us, dogs dream about the things in their lives like chasing squirrels or running for treats. Also like humans, dogs do have REM (rapid eye movement) sleep where open or moving eyes, twitching, or funny noises may be present. Your best bet it just to let them sleep through it and enjoy whatever they’re dreaming about.

Burying toys and other things.

Does your dog love to bury toys and other items? Those habits may be deep in their DNA from their wild canine ancestors. In the wild, wolves tend to bury treasured items and food to keep it safe and to save food for later. If your dog did decide to hide something, you know that they think it’s very special!

If you have any questions about your dog’s interesting quirks that we did not include on this list, please let us know! Our staff is here to help.