Keeping your senior cat healthy is so important and today we’re going to give you some tips to make it a little easier on you. The team at the Pet Care Clinic of Doral is here for your cats from their days of being a playful kitten all the way to their relaxing senior years. Stick to these tips and you’ll extend your cat’s life and keep them happier and healthier longer.

1. Pay attention!

Keeping your senior cat healthy is all about being observant. The more you pay attention to their current medical state, the faster you’ll know if something comes up. We’d like to see your cat at least twice a year during their senior years to make sure everything is going smoothly.

2. Cut back on the food.

Obesity is becoming a real problem for the US cat population. Be sure to monitor your cat’s food intake and cut their meals into many small servings throughout the day and try not to just leave the bowl filled to the top and letting them eat it. A proper diet will keep your senior cat healthy and at the right weight.

3. Don’t forget about the teeth!

As cats get older, dental problems can flare up. Dental issues can cause other health problems – be sure to brush their teeth and bring them in for annual dental screenings. You will want to keep up with their scheduled cleanings.

4. Keep their bed clean.

Fleas will always be an issue you need to monitor. Work hard to keep your senior cat’s bed and surrounding area clean and fresh – you’ll both be happy that you did!

5. All you need is love!

As your cat gets older and less playful, be sure to go out of your way to give them plenty of attention. All you (and your cat) need is love! Make sure to make time to play with your senior cat and give them all of the affection they deserve. A happy cat is a cat that lives longer.

The team at the Pet Care Clinic of Doral is here to keep your senior cat healthy. If you have any questions at all, our team is here to help! Be sure to contact us when you need us.