Having your pet vaccinated against contagious diseases may be one of the most important things you can do for your pet.

  • Dogs should be vaccinated against: Bordetella, Coronavirus, Distemper, Parvovirus, Rabies once a year.
  • Cats should be immunized for: Feline Distemper, F.I.P., Feline Leukemia, Respiratory Viruses and Rabies.

The team at the Pet Care Clinic of Doral wants to keep your pets safe from disease throughout their entire life and keeping up with vaccines is the way to do that. There are two types of vaccines we provide, core vaccines and non-core vaccines. Non-core vaccines are not required but may be strongly recommended by your veterinarian. We highly recommend staying current with your pet’s vaccines throughout their entire life.

Vaccines work by creating immunities for your pets by stimulating their immune system to build up resistance. Building these immunities over time, starting when they’re young, will help them avoid serious illness when they come into contact with the disease. It’s important to keep up with vaccines annually, or as your doctor sees fit.

Your pets should be started with their vaccine scheduling at a very young age, usually around 6-8 weeks old. Both puppies and kittens are protected from mother’s immunities up to this point, but once they wean off, they will need to start building their own immunities.

Keeping up with vaccines over time will keep your pets happy and healthy. If your pets are not currently on a vaccination schedule, please contact us today to get them updated. The team at the Pet Care Clinic of Doral wants only the best for your pets.