New seasons bring new health concerns for our pets and today we want to help keep you educated on keeping them safe. If you have any questions, the Pet Care Clinic of Doral staff is here to answer your questions and take care of your pet if an unfortunate incident should arise. We hope these tips can help.

Household Poisons Can Be Fatal

Are bugs and rodents stopping by your home to say hello? If you’re using most methods to keep them out, be mindful of the potential damage to your pet. Rodenticides are highly toxic to pets and can be fatal if ingested. Be sure to check the label or ask the company spraying if the chemicals in the spray are safe for pets. House cleaners, engine coolants, and other household items can cause severe damage to your pet if ingested. Be mindful of all chemicals being used in your home and always be sure to take additional steps to protect your pet.

Watch Out For Wildlife

We have quite a variety of wildlife down here in Florida. Be sure to monitor your pets when they’re roaming free outside, keep an eye on any dangerous animals that may be lurking. Did you know that fall is when snakes prepare for hibernation? Keeping your pets far away from them, especially those that are poisonous. Be sure to know the type of wildlife in your area and make sure only to walk your pets in well-lit, safe areas. Know your surrounds and leash your dogs while out of your home.

Steer Clear of Mushrooms

Mushrooms begin to appear in the fall and can potentially be life-threatening for your pets. 99% of mushrooms will cause no harm to your pets but 1% can be potentially fatal, we think it’s best not to take the risk and to keep your pets far away from areas where they grow. If you ever see or suspect that your pet has ingested a mushroom, be sure to contact us immediately. If this happens after hours, we recommend you call the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center at 888-426-4435 immediately.

The Pet Care Clinic of Doral is here to take care of your pet, no matter what happens. If you have a question about these safety tips or need to make an appointment, please contact us immediately.